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by Moscow Theatre ballet on Ice,
Moscow, Russia ,  (management)
Tel +7-916-6918053

Basic Technical Requirements

The following is simply a guideline for prospective Presenters which sets out the minimum technical requirements necessary for a staging of Moscow onIce show. A more detailed Technical Rider will be sent at such point as the Presenter is confident of the suitability of the venue proposed. At this point also, the Presenter should send full technical specifications and plans with photos (if possible) to the Company for review. Please include a rough schedule of performances (with times) proposed.
" Open air venues, tents, or rooms temporarily equipped as theatres are suitable for this production
" Ideal auditorium seating capacity ranges from 500 to 3,500 people. Please note that if the auditorium is very wide, there may be sight line difficulties.
" It should be noted (and advertised as such) that the production is recommended for the whole family . Also, the production is suitable for school groups.

" Recommended Stage sizes:
Ice size 20 by 40 is the most comfortable .Smaller ice venue is also possible. The minimum, on our memory was 11 by 13 in Milan, Italy.

Auditorium height: 5m (min.) To include aerial acts it should by higher. t is also possible to install artificial ice in the regular theatre venue, we can use our own mobile ice machine for this. The size of the ice field is variable .Maximum size is 20 by 30 meters



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