MOSCOW ON ICE (Moscow state ballet on ice) was the first professional ice show to be organized in the Soviet Union in 1957.The job of setting up the first soviet professional ice show was entrusted to the well-known choreographer professor Leonid Lavrovski, who was at that time chief ballet master of the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow. It was under his artistic direction that the first ballet on ice production premiered in 1959.
Since then the MOSCOW ON ICE has toured extensively throughout the USSR and abroad. Audiences in Turkey, Germany, Poland, Romania, Syria, France, Argentina, India, Australia, Israel, Mexico, Canada, Egypt, USA, Italy, Greece, China, Spain and many other have given standing ovations to the ballet's performance.
Over the years a number of talented directors and choreographers have contributed to the programs of the MOSCOW ON ICE , among them Bolshoi ballet stars Yuri Kondratov and Vladimir Tikhonov . For a number of years the company was headed by the well-known soviet choreographer ,people's artist of the USSR Mikhail Godenko. Routines choreographed by Mikhail Godenko are invariably featured in the MOSCOW ON ICE programs and are always well received by the public.
Currently the MOSCOW ON ICE under the artistic direction of Igor Shapovalov, people's artist of the Russia who staged a number of mass events during the international youth and students festivals in Havana, Moscow Olympic games of 1980 and Moscow youth Olympic games of 1998.
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